​j-hope - = (Equal Sign) (English Translation) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
We have each other, and we make eye contact
There is no one above us
There is no one under us
Let's roll
With love
With trust
With respect
Step by step
We are still indifferent to the world
We need to pay attention
The beginning of change is coming soon
Maybe it's up to us

[Verse 2]
A cry without a sound even when I cry out loudly
What do you feel differently about your skin?
We fought our way up fair and square
Confused and frustrated
Thе world is wide
But people havе a very narrow mind
It doesn't have to be the same
Why is being different a sin?
Beyond age
Beyond gender
Across the borders
Maybe it's like homework for everyone
Awaken them that it is just a difference
Not something to discriminate against
Starting with myself
You must know that the victims of prejudice
Are none other than ourselves

Hate'll paralyze your mind
Gotta see the other side
It costs ya nothin’ to be kind
Not so different you and I
Lookin' for love in a different light
Until we find that equal sign
Same, the breaths we breathe
Same, the dreams we dream
Same, laughter and tears in life
Same, all things to be respected

Just a piece to give strength
In the puzzle of our hearts
It'll all make sense one day
So I'm singing
For love in this world
Come on
Let's come together
Equality is you and me

​= Equal Sign - j-hope Song Video

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