BTS (방탄소년단) – Blue & Grey Song Credits 

  • Song : Blue & Grey 
  • Artist : BTS 
  • Album : BE
  • Genre : K-Pop
  • Label : Big Hit Entertainment Columbia
  • Released date : 2020.11.20
  • Language : Korean


Where is my angel
At the end of the day
Someone come and save me, please
A weary sigh of the day

I guess everyone's happy
Can you look at me? Cuz I am blue & grey
The meaning of the tears in the mirror
My color hidden in laughter blue & grey

I don't know where it went wrong
Ever since I was a kid, I've had a blue 
question mark in my head

Maybe that's why you've been living so hard
But whеn I looked back, I found out that this 
is the Urduke and thе Suni

That frosty shadow that devours me
Still, the blue question mark
Whether it's anxiety or depression
How can you be such an animal of regret?
Or maybe it's me who's born of loneliness
I still don't know. Thistle blue
I hope it doesn't erode. I'll find it. Exit

I just wanna be happy
Melt me cold
My numerous hands
Colorless echo
Oh this ground feels so heavenier
I am singing by myself
I just wanna be happy
Is this a big greed?
I felt when I walked on the streets 
in the cold winter

The fastening breath of the heart
I still feel it

Don't say it's okay
'Cause it's not okay
Please don't leave me alone. It hurts so much

The usual walk and the ever-expression of light
But today some strange scene
Is it dull or is it broken?
But it's heavy, this lump of metal
Approaching gray rhinoceros
I'm just standing there without focus
It's not like me at this moment
I'm just not scared

I don't believe in God
Colorful words tickle
A large gray area is convenient
Here's a glee with hundreds of millions 
of different facial expressions

When it rains, my world
Dancing over this city
It's foggy on a clear day
On wet days, we'll always be together
All the dust here
Toast to

I just wanna be happy
Feel the warmth of my hands
It's not warm. I need you more
Oh this ground feels so heavenier
I am singing by myself
In the distant future, when I smile
I'll tell you. I did

After secretly picking up the words in the air
Good night

Blue & Grey - BTS Lyrics In Romanization

Where is my angel
haruye kkeucheul deuriun
Someone come and save me, please
jichin haruye hansumppun

saramdeureun da haengbokhanga bwa
Can you look at me? Cuz I am blue & grey
geoure bichin nunmure uimineun
useume gamchweojin naye saekkkal blue & grey

eodiseobuteo jalmottwaetneunji jal moreugesseo
na eoryeoseobuteo meorissogen paransaek mureumpyo
eojjeom geuraeseo chiyeolhage saranneunji moreuji
But dwireul doraboni yeogi udugeoni seoni
nareul jipeosamkyeobeorineun jeo seoseul peoreon geurimja

yeojeonhido paransaek mureumpyoneun
gwayeon buraninji uurinji
eojjeom jeongmal huhweye dongmurinji
animyeoneun weroumi naheun nailji
yeojeonhi moreugesseo seoseul peoreon beullu
jamshikdweji ankil barae chajeul geoya chulgu

I just wanna be happier
chagaun nal nogyeojweo
sueopshi naemin naye son
saekkkal eomneun meari
Oh this ground feels so heavier
I am singing by myself
I just wanna be happier
igeotto keun yokshimilkka

chuun gyeoul georireul georeul ttae neukkin
ppallajin shimjange hoheub soril
jigeumdo neukkigon hae
gwaenchantago haji ma
gwaenchanhji aneunikka
jebal honja duji mara jweo neomu apa

neul geonneun gilgwa neul banneun bit
But oneureun waenji nasseon scene
mudyeojin geolkka muneojin geolkka
geunde mugeobgin hada i swetteongin
dagaoneun hwesaek koppulso
chojeom eopshi nan deonggeureoni seoisseo
nadabji ana i sungan
geunyang museobjiga ana

nan hwakshiniran shin ttawi an mideo
saekchae gateun mareun ganjireoweo
neolbeun hwesaekjidaega pyeonhae
yeogi sueok gaji pyojeonge grey
biga omyeon nae sesang
i doshi wiro chumchunda
malgeun naren angaereul
jeojeun naren hamkke neul
yeogi modeun meonjideul
wihae chukbaereul

I just wanna be happier
nae sone ongil neukkyeojweo
ttatteuthajiga anaseo nega deouk piryohae
Oh this ground feels so heavier
I am singing by myself
meon hutnal naega utge dwemyeon
malhalge geuraesseottago

heogonge tteodoneun mareul mollae juweo damgo nani
ije saebyeokjami deune good night

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